Business Process Coordinator Data Sharing-PHARMA (ro-992)

4070 Basel
Start Date: 
End Date: 
2017-07-20 16:00
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Objectives and Scope of Position:

  • Coordinates business projects within PDMA department
  • Proactively collaborates with Global Product Development Medical Affairs Functions throughout the business project
  • Collects and analyses project management data and information
  • Communicates across functions and departments regarding PDMA projects

Summary of Main Responsibilities


  • Cross-functional process review meetings
  • Manages Global business process email account
  • Organises and leads Team meetings with PDMA representatives
  • Acts as one of the main contact persons for inter-departmental communication and communication with external business partners
  • Provides feedback to Pharma Affiliates

Documentation and data management

  • Collects, reviews and distributes business process documentation and data according to the timelines
  • Ensures accurate tracking of key process tools, documents (CSRs, protocols etc.) and data
  • Runs, updates trial list outputs and ensures the quality is according to the required standards
  • Ensures business process systems (CTMS, AIMS) kept up to date and manages system support requests
  • Archives Clinical files and documents in the appropriate filing area

Business Process Overview

  • Planning business process implementation phases and execution according to the timelines
  • Builds relationship with key internal and external business process stakeholders to ensure PDMA needs and goals are met
  • Coordinates regular business project activities( trial lists updates, keeps process trackers up to date, monitors and analyses data deliverables)
  • Ensures adherance of high level deliverables according to the timelines
  • Guides, coaches and supports junior team members if needed


  • Is responsible for acting in line with legal, regulatory and company standards and codes of practice
  • Completes all required training modules as a priority



Successful candidates will demonstrate

  • A collaborative, supportive and engaging approach with people.

  • A forwards-looking, agile, and action-oriented approach to work.

  • Strong communication and organizational skills.

You will bring 5 or more years of experience in Biometrics, Operations, Clinical Science or Regulatory functions, within the Pharma industry, with knowledge of:

  • Clinical trial documentation such as Protocols and Clinical Study Reports.

  • Clinical trial management systems and trial-level data.

  • Clinical trial databases and patient-level data.

Expected Qualifications

  • A Bachelors / Masters level Scientific degree.

  • Minimum 5 years of experience, working within the Healthcare / Pharma environment.


Prefered Interview Dates (YYYY-MM-DD):