Professional Operations Excellence Manager (ro-019)

4070 Basel
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End Date: 
2017-08-09 10:00
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We are looking for someone who is more in the back-office and supports different project managers.The candidate will work closely with the ​Leadership Team of ​Business Excellence department in ​pRED Operations to support in different ​non-scientific ​activities. These activities are mainly for ​operations ​improvements and implementations in the science-driven environment. 
Due to that we are looking now both for a Intranet publication skilled project manager and an experienced Lean six sigma professional with strong tool knowledge. To complete the profile, the ideal candidate has experience in scientific environment, preferred scientific background.  

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Setup a portal and structure on Intranet for Lean six sigma tools 
  • Present examples from Research Life Science business 
  • Enable project managers to use those tools in their projects 
  • Interacting with scientific driven stakeholders


The position is a mix of three roles. 
1) Operational Excellence Specialist; 
2) Intranet Designer; 
3) Project Management Support. 

General Information

• Start date: 21.08.2017 
• Latest start date: 28.08.2017 (as soon as possible) 
• End date: 15.12.2017 
• Extension: may be possible 
• Work location: Basel, Bldg 92 
• Work load: 100% 
• Travelling: not required 
• Remote: max. 1 day per week​ possible​, prior approval needed. 
• Department: ​Business Excellence in ​pR​ED​ Operations (PXO​) 



  • +5 years of Lean six sigma experience preferably in a global, matrixed, scientific, diverse environment (we are not looking for Lean Six Sigma developer -developing skills would be too deep. Very good knowledge of this tool is enough for this position)
  • +5 years of experience in IT-related projects (former experience in the area of "operational excellence". The contractor will have to provide the tools to the project managers and help them to use it, not giving formal trainings to them).
  • Fluent in English speaking 
  • Used to work in a scientific environment, preferred scientific background with applied Informatics skills 
  • Sound knowledge of standard project and OE tools and methods (Lean six sigma is a must)
  • Previous pharma experience 
  • Scientific background / environment in the last projects 
  • German and / or French speaking 
Prefered Interview Dates (YYYY-MM-DD):