Global Deployment Lead (ServiceNow) (ro-020)

4070 Kaiseraugst
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2017-08-14 09:30
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our customer has signed a contract with ServiceNow that will result in the establishment of ServiceNow as the standard IT Service Management platform for Group Informatics. ServiceNow is a cloud solution that offers usability based on simplicity combined with an intuitive and engaging user experience. 

In early 2017, a global project was initiated to replace the existing HPSM solution with ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM). The project will enable the implementation of ServiceNow ITSM over an 18-month period across all Group Informatics functions (Dia IT, PI IT, FG IT, and GI&S). Through standard ServiceNow configuration, the project will seek to maximize ServiceNow industry best practice functionality while at the same time minimizing customization. ServiceNow will enable consistent and scalable IT processes throughout Group Informatics, while at the same time transitioning us to leaner and more efficient process management and execution. 


Tasks & Responsibilities


  • The project currently has an opening for a Global Deployment Lead. This is an exciting and very challenging role that will require a minimum commitment of 12 months. The role also requires a full-time onsite presence in Basel & Kaiseraugst during the 12-month assignment. Given the makeup of the project team and key leadership roles sourced out of Basel/Kaiseraugst, it is not possible to consider candidates from other sites for this position. 
  • The selected candidate will immediately assume the Global Deployment Lead assignment upon joining the project team. The role will require extremely strong collaboration, communication and project management skills. The Global Deployment Lead will have total accountability for serving as the key liaison between the Data Migration Lead, OCM Lead, Training Lead, Workstream Delivery Leads, Regional Deployment Leads, and the Global Project Manager during the Transition and Deployment Phases of the project. 
  • The Global Deployment Lead role will be pivotal in the successful rollout of the new solution in Europe, Americas, and Asia-Pacific. The lead will develop and manage a detailed deployment plan/playbook of exceptional quality to ensure on time and orderly delivery of the new solution in each region, while maintaining global process standardization throughout the entirety of the project. 
  • The IT services and processes within the scope of this position include ServiceNow Core Platform, Configuration Management, Change Management, Incident Management, Request Management, Problem Management, Knowledge Management, IT User Portal, Major Incident Management, Reporting, Service Model (CMDB), Interface Integration, Data Migration, OCM. 


General information

  • Latest start date: 02.10.2017 
  • Extension: An extension is planned, but needs to be approved. 
  • Remote: Possible 1 day per week (Fridays) 
  • Travel: max. 20% within Europe (tbd where exactly) 
  • Department: FISP (Shared Platform & Apps) 


  • Project management experience within an IT organization (+7 years) 
  • PM background in ITSM area or experience in similar ITSM projects (hands-on experience, +5 years - really imprtant) 
  • Experience in deployments of larger applications 
  • Fluent English speaking 
  • Very strong collaboration, communication and personal skills 
  • Demonstrated leadership skills 
  • Experience in working virtually (across different time zones) 
  • Experience in similar project in large pharmaceutical company 
  • pharma experience preferably in the IT organization 
  • Knowledge in ITSM configuration and change management (deployment of large apps) 
  • Familiarity with ITSM processes / tools and their usage 
  • Working in a global environment 


Here are some notes from the requirements analysis:

  • looking for a senior project manager with hands-on experience -really important
  • hands-on experience means: 100% deployment (as s/he will be the first contact point, +5 years)
  • "general" Senior PMs mostly delegate tasks to others, in this case not possible (s/he should be really hands-on)
  • projects should be ITSM (IT Service Management) projects
  • the larger the ITSM project, the better
  • similar projects could be e.g. SAP, Salesforce (deployment of larger applications)
  • not looking for strategical experience/tasks/projects
  • e.g. Data Centre projects are not relevant / not desired
  • not looking for former PM Coordinators
  • not looking for strategically-orientated "general" senior PMs
  • technical background not necessary (positions like Solution Architects etc.)
  • Person should only understand the “IT language”, should have worked in this environment before
  • Change management: No OCM, but CM within IT (managing changes of systems)
Prefered Interview Dates (YYYY-MM-DD):