Senior Developer (ERP) - Backend Development in JEE (ro-082)

4070 Basel
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End Date: 
2017-09-26 09:20
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The ALPIN 2.0 project is about to redefine and build up a new global Artworks Management system. Managing high number of artwork changes of Drug Products through our customer supply chain is a complex process which shall be simplified by the project. It is planned to be achieved via process simplification and interlinked best-in-class informatics infrastructure to make the systems, involved in the processes, more user-friendly and to enable an increased throughput of artworks changes. The position reports functionally to the IT Development Lead. 

The project is in Build & Test phase and needs an experienced development to jump in quickly and support the project with proven skills. 

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Back-end development  
  • Close communication to Solution Architects and development team located in Poland 
  • Pro-active way to work 
  • Communication with business

General information

  • Start date: 16.10.2017 
  • Latest start date: as soon as possible 
  • End date: 31.12.2017 
  • Extension: Might be possible 
  • Work location: Kaiseraugst onsite, Building 256 
  • Workload: 100% 
  • Travelling: Currently not planned, perhaps however to Poland/Warsaw (e.g. for a workshop) 
  • Team: Project team 8 people in Basel (Solution Architects, Project Lead), 15 people in Poland (Developers, Development Lead) 
  • Department: MES and Serialization (FPP) 




  • Proven experience in: 

-JEE full stack projects (multilayered development with SoC principles) 

-SAP Development Components based Development 

-JPA 2.1 

-EJB (absolute must have) 

-skills within JQL/SQL 

-ava 1.5 skills (generics/lambdas etc.) 

  • Knowledge of

-Maven/Gradle multimodules project 

-SAP NWDI component model 


-Pull-Request based code review 

  • Experience with tools like

-NetWeaver Developer Studio and NetWeaver Developer Infrastructure 

-SAP NetWeaver CE 7.5 Enterprise Portal (pure Java stack not on Gateway/PI) 

-IntelliJ Idea for Java development 

-Git/Maven/Gradle for project setup 

-Tomcat for local development 

  • Pro-active and cooperative way to work 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Fluent English (spoken and written)
  • Experience with SAP Netweaver Development Infrastructure 
  • Good Polish knowledge (spoken and written) 
  • Knowledge of SAP BPM 
Prefered Interview Dates (YYYY-MM-DD): 


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