Digital Biomarker and Science Study Manager - PHARMA / ro-437

4070 Basel
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2018-11-21 15:00
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For our Swiss customer located in Basel we are currently looking for (m/f) a Digital Biomarker and Science Study Manager - PHARMA

  • Type of placement:  12 months, external contract with possible long term extension
  • Company:  major Pharma company in Basel area
  • Salary:  level 1- 2, please ask us for the exact rate range 

(monthly gross salary levels in CHF,  level1= 5-10k , level2=10-15k,  level3= >15k) -PHARMA


Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with clinical development teams to refine remote patient monitoring solutions and workflows for use in clinical trials (especially in Multiple Sclerosis drug development)
  • Develop remote patient monitoring aspects of the clinical trial design, protocols and informed consents
  • Specify study-specific workflows and requirements for software development teams
  • Ensure the software/remote patient monitoring solutions meet the needs for clinical deployment
  • Conduct qualitative studies, including physician and patient focus groups, to establish clinical meaningfulness of the collected data and optimize the usability of software/remote patient monitoring solutions
  • Manage the deployment of the remote patient monitoring solutions into clinical studies
  • Deliver trainings on the remote patient monitoring approach to physicians and study coordinators
  • Manage the support of the remote patient monitoring solutions in studies, including by being a point of contact for physicians and study coordinators
  • Prepare and deliver management presentations on the digital biomarker data analysis results
  • Manage internal and external stakeholders


General Information

  • Start date: 7th January 
  • duration: until end of 2019 
  • area: Scientific and Manufacturing 
  • Seniority: Junior 
  • Site: Basel

Must Haves

  • Passion for digital innovation in healthcare, and especially for leveraging novel technologies to modernize clinical endpoints and improve disease/treatment management
  • Very good university degree (MSc. level or above) in neuroscience, medical or natural science, computer science, business informatics, or similar
  • Experience in the pharmaceutical or related industry, ideally with direct involvement in clinical development and in a role with a scientific component
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Experience with software development projects, and especially with functional requirement models like use case and user story development, and requirement gathering
  • Documentation skills
  • Self-starting team player
  • Problem solving attitude and structured approach to work
  • Data mindset
  •  Native English or equivalent


Nice to Haves

  • Previous clinical experience in Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Schizophrenia, neuromuscular atrophies/dystrophies
  • Previous experience in experimental/clinical study design
  • Previous experience in working with patients
  • Previous experience with analyzing data
  • German speaking


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