Data Integration Specialist / ro-431 (PHARMA)

4070 Basel
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2018-06-18 16:00
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For our Swiss customer located in Basel we are currently looking for (m/f) a Data Integration Specialist.

• Type of placement: 36 months, external contract with possible long term extension
• Company: major Pharma company in Basel area
• Salary: level 2, please ask us for the exact rate range

(monthly gross salary levels in CHF,  level1= 5-10k , level2=10-15k,  level3= >15k) -PHARMA


Primary responsibilities 

  • Track relevant clinical data and all planned and already-generated biomarker data for clinical trials (both active and closed), external human cohort studies and procured tissue collections and create Data Marts.
  • For all Data Mart instances and together with curators, ensure clear annotation; descriptions of the nature and provenance of source data; reproducibility of analyses; and a list of contacts, including the primary bioinformatician, biostatistician and biomarker scientist as well as the individual granting access authorization.
  • Generate study specific Data Mart and annotations that are optimized for data analysis tools and data aggregation whenever project or across project-level analyses are required.
  • For newly generated biomarker data, discuss with laboratory scientists the data format requirements.
  • Upload of newly generated biomarkers data in databases.
  • Support the guidelines and policies on the decision-making process. Contribute to elaboration of best practices for data generation, aggregation, shared data use, and data exploration.



The Enhanced Data and Insights Sharing (EDIS) initiative was newly created to accelerate learning and insights generation across Research and Development. A key capability identified as being critical to the success of EDIS is the integration and sharing of biomedical patient data across the organization. This capability requires the creation of data integration specialist roles. This specialist will be a scientific, technical and process expert for the annotation and integration of human cohort datasets generated across the whole organization or acquired externally in support of ongoing drug development. Data sources will include patient level clinical trial data, and biomarker data from laboratories in Research and Early Development departments (gRED and pRED). The data integration specialist will integrate into a team of data analysis experts from pRED and will work alongside these groups to understand and manipulate highly complex clinical and low/high dimension biomarker data sets in order to create analysis ready merged datasets (Data Marts). Proper annotation and integration of clinical and biomarker data should fully enable advanced analytics, discoverability, use and subsequent re-use of these important company assets. The data integration specialist will also be responsible for the upload of newly generated biomarkers data in databases.


Job Description:

  • Data Integration Specialist
  • Direct Reports: No
  • Location: Basel
  • Type : Temporary
  • Schedule : Full time


  • Clinical data: clinical data management, CDISC/STDM format knowledge  Programming languages: R (preferred) or SAS or others (Python, java..)
  • IT: Database
  • English fluent (C2)



  • SQL
  • Data analysis
  • Text mining
  • Molecular biology (through education and through previous employments)
    • Biomarkers data experience is a plus
      • OMICS data knowledge is a plus (proteomics, genomics…etc)
  • Ontologies (use and creation)


Past experiences (one or several of the roles below)

  • Clinical data manager
  • Statistical programmer (in clinical environment)
  • Data acquisition specialist (in life Sciences)
  • Data scientist (in life Sciences)
  • Data analyst (in life Sciences)
  • Statistician (in life Sciences)
  • Role in a pharmaceutical or diagnostic company or at a CRO or Hospital


Education (examples)

  • Bachelor of biological sciences followed by a master degree year in Heath engineering - Management of Clinical Operations and Data Management - Data Management
  • Master’s degree Computer science and Statistical Engineering (Option Biostatistics)
  • Master/PhD in biostatistics
  • Master/PhD in biology & programming courses (or expertise gained through employments)
  • Master/PhD in bioinformatics with clinical data knowledge (expertise gained through employments)


Prefered Interview Dates (YYYY-MM-DD):