Boomi Monitoring Solution

You can manage only what you can measure.

The Boomi Monitoring Solution (BMS) offers complete insight into the current and historical vital signs for Boomi runtimes.


Many companies love Boomi’s ability to deliver, so they invested significantly in its use. But sophisticated enterprises also have demands for control, to operate the already built assets.

In addition, integration services must respect service level agreements (SLAs.) Failure to meet SLAs can result in loss of reputation, revenue, or both. Boomi users need to ponder a number of questions related to these challenges, including:

   • How many executions do we have?
   • Can we deploy more processes?
   • How many more can we deploy before we reach resource constraints?
   • What is the average execution time?


The Boomi Monitoring Solution has two parts:

   1. Data Collection
   2. Data Presentation

Data Collection is done every minute. Data points are persisted over any period of time to provide insight and trends for the future. Data points include: CPU, RAM and Disk usage, thread counts, number of running executions, and average execution time.

Data Presentation is accomplished by exposing the data to a reporting solution that is accessible from anywhere on the internet to provide dashboards, reports, and alerts.
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The Boomi Monitoring Solution delivers a wide variety of business benefits:
Prevent outages—By collecting samples over time, the solution can detect abnormal load patterns and prevent outages.

More accurate tuning and testing—More accurate data helps eliminate the guesswork from performance tuning and load testing.

Fact-based configuration changes—The solution observes the system health over time, detecting problems, performing corrective measures, and observing the improvement in a feedback loop.
Detect unnecessary resource consumption—Identify all parasitic resource consumption by other services installed on the same server with Boomi to facilitate better overall performance.

Accurately forecast support requirements—With centralized visibility and oversight, support becomes predictable.



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